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Apartment Storage Solutions for All Your Stuff

Discover novel and stylish solutions for small home or apartment storage. The reasons people choose to live in smaller spaces these days make a lot of sense. Cities or downtowns are vibrant and fun. Living with a smaller footprint is better for the environment. For some people, a cozy home for one became a home for two after a new relationship. Good thing apartment organization has caught up with your lifestyle. See what's new in storage solutions to make your home as comfortable as can be.

Get Your Closet Organized Now

See all the ways you can create a gorgeous closet. Even if what you have right now is a simple box construction, rely on new-fangled furnishings and home decor details to create apartment storage where you need it most.

  • Make room for clothes with hanging bars topped by shelves. These stylish pieces have industrial-looking brackets that you can use to mount the solution to the wall in your closet or to an interior room wall in a loft.
  • If your bedroom came with a tiny closet, expand your hanging space with a clothes rack. One with an apron shelf lets you put baskets or other personal items down below.
  • Dedicate a space to high heels with an incredible shoe ladder that lets you see everything at a glance.

Keep Your Kitchen Streamlined

In the kitchen, you need a lot of elements, like tools or spices, close at hand to make your best meals. Even if you love meal prep, having a kitchen where you can whip together delicious morsels on the fly makes a house of any size feel like home. Get your kitchen there with modular solutions.

  • Start with a set of hanging rods that you install horizontally to your walls. These are easily customizable as you build out your kitchen.
  • Hang kitchen tools close to where you cook over your range. In areas where you chop or prep, organize knives, scissors, paper towels or other sundries.
  • Once your counters are free, even a small apartment kitchen feels spacious. Enjoy using cutting boards and cookbooks now.

Figure Out Your Laundry

In a smaller place, laundry sometimes gets sorted in the bathroom or bedroom. If you have a laundry room, you still need great storage systems. Look for ladders, divided hampers on wheels and other handy wall-mounted pieces that keep floors clear. Invest in a laundry system that keeps canvas buckets off the floor and lets you sort as you disrobe.

With the right apartment storage, you can enjoy your apartment or small home lifestyle in convenience and comfort.