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Improve Organization With Coat Hooks

A simple and practical way to reduce clutter and improve organization is having a spot to store items like coats, purses, briefcases and backpacks. Coat hooks are versatile storage solutions that allow you to reduce clutter and move these items off of the floor, tables and chairs. The wall hooks and door hooks in this Pottery Barn collection make storage simple. Learn how to incorporate these coat hooks into your home.

Wall-Mounted Hooks

Wall-mounted hooks in this collection are supremely versatile, fitting well into many rooms of your home. These sleek styles don't take up too much space, and they can transform a once-bare wall into a practical storage spot for miscellany that often ends up draped over chairs or on the floor. When shopping for these hooks, consider the following key features.

First, consider space. How many items do you want to hang on the hooks and how much space do you have on your wall? You can find wall hooks with as few as one hook and as many as five--and everything in between. Next, think about the color and finish of hooks that will best coordinate with your space. Choose from a variety of neutral color options, such as white, black, gray and a rustic wood hue. Similarly, the hooks feature metallic finishes in hues of gold, silver and black. Consider the other hardware in your space, such as knobs on furniture pieces like desks. Find the right color combination to complement your space.

Multifunctional Storage Solutions

For even more storage, select a set of coat hooks that includes other storage spaces. These pieces work well in a mudroom, laundry room or foyer, serving as both decor and storage at the same time. Some pieces include shelves built into the hooks, offering an extra spot to place small items like keys or baskets perfect for collecting everyday essentials. You can even use these shelves to display decorative items, including picture frames set on the ledge or a vase filled with fresh or faux flowers. When you opt to use the shelves for decor, you transform this versatile storage solution into an accent in your home.

Elevate your home organization with convenient coat hooks available at Pottery Barn. Thanks to many styles of door hooks and wall hooks, you're sure to find a set that complements your home. Find an empty wall and transform it into a practical storage spot for those everyday items that deserve a home.