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Complete Wall Organization with Chalkboards, Pinboards and Wall Calendars

In today's busy world, staying organized is no small feat. Transform any empty wall space in your home into a complete organization station with stylish chalkboards, pinboards and wall calendars from Pottery Barn. Instead of relying on a notebook or planner that's often tucked out of sight, use these handy tools to ensure your lists and appointments are always within view.


Chalkboards aren't just for the classroom anymore! These handy boards can be used to jot down notes or make lists anywhere in the home. They wipe clean easily for reuse again and again. Install a floating wall shelf underneath the board to store extra chalk and a chalk eraser. Stick to simple white chalk or use colored chalk to highlight different notes.

Use these boards to:

  • Keep track of the week's scheduled appointments, events and special occasions.
  • Leave notes for roommates or family members.
  • Create a meal plan for the week and a corresponding grocery list.
  • Add personality with fun drawings or motivational quotes.


Perfect for the kitchen or the office, pinboards present a convenient surface for storing notes, cards, receipts, photographs and more. Anything that can be held up by a pushpin or two can be displayed on a pinboard. These boards are most often used as an organizational tool but can also become an exclusively decorative piece by pinning up crafting materials like scrapbook paper and stickers.

  • These boards come with a lovely linen surface in subtle gray tones which adds sophistication to blank walls.
  • For a more casual look, consider a standard corkboard over linen boards. With their natural cork surface and sturdy frames, these boards look great in kids bedrooms or laid-back office spaces.

Wall Calendars

Though you can keep track of appointments and events using a chalkboard or a corkboard, the best way to record special dates is with a wall calendar. A large wall calendar lets you see a whole month's worth of events at a glance. Keep your calendar in the most frequently used room in the home, like the kitchen, so you'll never miss an important meeting or event.

  • Whiteboard calendars are a great choice as they can be used over and over for every month of the year.
  • Use different colored whiteboard markers to signify different events, like birthdays, school events, work meetings, sports practices and more.
  • Some calendars are also magnetic so you can attach items like concert tickets or grocery lists directly to the board.
  • Keep a small basket nearby to hold colored markers, a whiteboard eraser and extra magnets.

Keep track of all the important events in your life with the right wall organization tools from Pottery Barn. Choose from a wide variety of boards for your kitchen, home office or hallway which are as stylish as they are functional. And if you need extra space for your lists and reminders, combine chalkboards, pinboards and wall calendars to create the organizational system that works best for your family.