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The Joy of Storage Bins

If there's anything that can transform an everyday home into a soothing oasis of organization and style, storage bins are it. Fill your home with earthy texture, interesting silhouettes and soft neutral shades when you shop Pottery Barn's exceptional collection of storage baskets, boxes and bins. From magazines to laundry to paper recycling, the humble storage bin creates a place for everything so that you can put everything in its place.

Discovering All The Uses

Storage bins offer unlimited uses. Be sure to pick up at least a few for every room in your home and see how quickly you transform the mood--plus make decorating, tidying and storing so much easier.

  • Stack blankets in a corner or under a coffee table to have them handy for watching movies or reading.
  • Pile magazines up for reading, reference or inspiration. Put your storage bin in a bathroom, bedroom or living room, depending on where you like to catch up.
  • Arrange real or faux flowers in a woven storage basket for a bohemian look with sophisticated appeal.
  • Store seasonal clothing in wide-mouth baskets that slide under your bed for easy reach later in the year.
  • Stash laundry into a handsome organized bin with or without a lid.
  • Organize personal household items, like wrapping paper or other paper goods for the kitchen or bathroom.

Storage Basket Silhouettes

No matter where you decide to place your storage bins, you can find silhouettes that fit the space.

  • For a more casual, decorative look, go for a storage basket that's low to the ground with a wide opening.
  • To add elegance to any setting, choose a taller basket that takes its shape from a pot or vase.
  • Storage boxes slide under the bed. Some have lids or wheels to make it easier to move boxes in a tight space.

Some storage gets its shape from its material. For instance, galvanized bins are squared off, while a wide wicker weave has rounded corners. Look for sculptural leather silhouettes, cloth around wooden frames and other shapes. 

Matching Your Decor

Discovering storage that matches your decor makes the satisfaction even sweeter. With stylish options in defined or deconstructed shapes, a range of earth tones or natural materials, plus every size opening you could ever need, your storage can add serious depth and dimension to your home's decor.

Match the palette of your upholstery, balance stately baskets with fun touches like faux fur pillows or mix storage looks throughout your home. Your options are genuinely endless.