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Window Shades to Give Every Room The Right Vibe

Window treatments play a pivotal role when it comes to designing a space that you love. After all, they do take up a great deal of visual space in the average room with three to four windows.


Use this guide to learn more about the benefits of adding beautiful window treatments like Roman shades to your home. There are few rooms in the house that can't benefit greatly from better window treatments.

Light-Filtering Shades Are Among The Most Popular Window Treatments

Window treatments adorn almost every window in every home. Why? Because they serve a dual purpose of helping you control your environment while adding style to any space. Here are a few of the main benefits of installing quality window shades in your home:

  • Window shades help you block out light, allowing you to control how your room looks and feels. Light control is a must in spaces like your master bedroom where a little too much sunlight early in the morning could put a serious damper on your sleep schedule. Shades are also useful in your living room, den and home office where glare on your TV, desk or reading area could be problematic.
  • Window treatments are an amazing way to add color and texture to your room. You don't have to go for ultra-bright patterns to add a little excitement to your living room, den or home office though. Even textured neutral shades can bring style to your space.
  • They'll help you tie your furniture and accessories together. Use window treatments to blend your favorite furniture elements with items like art, rugs, tabletop accessories and lamps.

Available Styles

Window treatments come in a wide range of styles intended to fit every home. Here are a few popular options you can find at Pottery Barn:

  • Neutral window treatments. Let your furniture, art and accessories shine with understated neutral window treatment styles. Crisp white, off-white, cream and natural wood tones blend in beautifully with your existing decor.
  • Stripes and geometric patterns. Looking for a more modern option for your home along with a little more visual texture? Try a striped or patterned geometric print shade to spruce up any space.
  • Textured shades. Sometimes neutral tones are too neutral, but prints are just too bold. Turn to textured shades and to add something to your space without completely taking over.

Cover your windows with stylish shades and curtains from Pottery Barn. You'll get better light control and improve the overall look and feel of every space from your formal living room to your casual family area.